Are You Podcasting Into the Abyss?

There are over 1 million active podcasts in the Apple Podcasts directory. 🤯

How can your podcast stand out from the crowd and actually be heard?👂

Podcasting takes your precious valuable time, money, and hard work. 👨‍💻

Make sure listeners can actually find you and keep coming back. 😍

Podcast Marketing 101 will help.

The Podcaster’s Road is Bumpy, Long, and Filled with Roadblocks

When something is easy and fun with few barriers of entry, it tends to get popular. Producing a podcast in 2020 definitely has its challenges:
  • HUGE competition even within small niches.
  • How can you catch up with  influencers who already have massive audiences?
  • It’s harder than ever to attract new listeners and loyal fans.
  • The constant fear that you’re just talking to nobody and your efforts are going to waste.

Becoming a “Rainmaker” Podcaster

The podcasting universe is like the economy. There are a few hyper-successful mavericks at the top, a small club of creators doing pretty darn well just below them, and then there’s the struggling, nameless masses toiling away, hoping and wishing for better days.

It’s possible to make vertical movement from one group to the next but it doesn’t happen by accident.

For the few with the know-how, dedication, or simply the guidance to break through, podcasting turns into a rewarding magic carpet ride.

  • You watch your listenership grow, week after week.
  • You get featured on Apple Podcasts.
  • People are viewing you as an industry thought leader, and pounding on your door to solicit your expertise.

It’s happening for podcasters like you every single day. 

These podcasters aren’t “famous” in the traditional sense. But they’re famous to the right people: customers, clients and consumers who want to hear the words of an expert.

Podcasting: A High-Leverage, Low-Cost Marketing Tool

When you get your content out there, it takes the burden off of selling. People are eager to have their problems solved, and when you are painted as an in-demand, knowledgeable authority through your podcast, leads gravitate to you.

That means:

  • You don’t have to hire a “podcast marketer”.

  • You don’t need to spend a single cent on advertising.

  • You don’t need to have an “in” at Apple or schmooze your way into some backdoor connection.

Podcasting is the perfect business building tool because it’s not annoying or intrusive like those ads on YouTube. The listeners self-select into your content because they’re hungry to learn. That means they’re invested.

Without any slick salesman tactics, your podcast opens the door for clients and collaboration. 

But it won't happen on its own. No more is podcasting "build it and they will come". You need to take action to stand out.

Maximize Your Podcasting ROI


Whether you have 10 or 10,000 listeners, the amount of effort to create a podcast episode doesn't change.


What does change is your results: Sales, newsletter signups, followers, phone calls...


Podcast Marketing 101 will help you optimize your podcast and ensure you reach the largest audience possible.

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Moving Up the Charts

Being a highlighted content creator on Apple Podcasts or Spotify is great… if you can get there.

For most, looking at the top podcasts is a little like commuting past those $4 million homes on the water most people will never be able to afford. It gives you an ambitious but saddening flavor of FOMO.

In Podcast Marketing 101, we dismantle the “tricks of the trade” that optimize your podcast for success.

Want to know a secret?

There's NO surefire way to make it into Apple's "New & Noteworthy" section. Anybody who claims so is lying to you, just to take your money.

But wouldn't you at least want to know that you're moving closer to the target rather than farther away

Employing these strategies still leads to higher placement, more listeners, and more traffic to your website. 

Finding Sponsors and Getting Paid

The NBA didn’t make Michael Jordan a billionaire. That was thanks to Nike and Gatorade. Podcast Marketing 101 breaks down how to find the right sponsors, how to garner their interest, and how to favorably and amicably negotiate a deal that’s worth your while.

You'll learn:

  • The technical details of placing ads in your podcast.

  • How to find ad content that resonates with listeners.

  • What you can charge for advertising.

  • The optimal way for your podcast to generate revenue.

Here's What You Get...

  • Podcast Marketing 101 Video Course
  • Text Version for Quick Reference
  • Social Media Schedule Planner
  • Demo Sponsorship Proposal
  • Ultimate List of Useful Links
  • Actionable Checklist
  • BONUS: 20% off Assessment or Coaching

Podcast Marketing 101 Course Content

The Masters Behind This Masterclass

Our elite team has a rich history in the podcast world. The course is led by Joel of East Coast Studio, acclaimed podcast expert, having worked one-on-one with hundreds of podcasts in every niche imaginable. 

Joel’s wide expertise in editing, launching, marketing and growing podcasts goes back six years and he has been a dedicated support pillar for many notable casts.

Podcast Marketing 101 is the result of all the insider secrets, hard-won knowledge, and expensive lessons that come only from spending years in the industry. You won't find this information packaged in such a concise, to-the-point course anywhere else. 


Ready to Make Your Podcast Work FOR You?





Why We Created Podcast Marketing 101

Dealing with podcasters on a regular basis led us to notice a pattern.

Many were the DIY, hustler, entrepreneur type. They had put in lots of time and effort getting their podcast off the ground.

However, they suffered from "you don't know what you don't know" syndrome.

Their podcasts had problems they didn't even realize, such as:

  • Poor audio quality (turning away listeners)
  • No show notes (losing out on SEO)
  • Not owning the podcast website (who is capitalizing on your hard work?)
  • Incorrect titles (not enticing to click play)

Podcasters simply didn't realize the problems existed. Sadly, this was clamping down on their true potential.

One day we realized that there was an educational void in the podcasting space.

Time-consuming "how to podcast" courses existed, as did blog posts spread throughout the web on topics like "how do I monetize my podcast?"

What didn't exist was a concise form of all this information that would benefit the busy podcaster, and prevent them from continuing to podcast into the void, never reaching their full potential.

If only we had a way to show all of these podcasters "here are the most important things you need to know about podcast marketing." Understand them, and you'll have the full confidence that your podcasting efforts will pay off.

We've yet to discover a podcast that couldn't benefit from multiple teachings within the course.

There's no other course like it, and best of all, it takes less than 2 hours to get through.

The content in Podcast Marketing 101 comes only from decades of experience working in the industry. You won't find this anywhere else.

Podcast Marketing 101

This step-by-step online course will teach you how to gain notoriety, eyeballs, and subscribers on a consistent basis and use your podcast as a lever to directly grow your business.

It's time to stop podcasting into the abyss.

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