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Whether you're a podcaster looking for guidance, a podcast editor wishing to be critiqued, or have any other questions about podcasting or the industry, stop wasting time searching endlessly online.

Why Coaching?

Imagine that you need a new car, but instead of buying one, you opt to build one on your own.

"Buying a car is too expensive!" you proclaim. "I'm sure I can figure it out."

Silly, right? It would make a lot more sense to pay for a car and take advantage of the existing engineering, design, research, safety, and other aspects of car manufacturing that have progressed throughout history.

The same principal applies when it comes to coaching.

Instead of wasting time trying to figure things out, wondering if you're doing it right, and becoming frustrated, wouldn't it be a lot easier to just ask somebody who knows the answers? Someone who can push you to do your best?

You'd ask a lawyer friend for legal advice. You'd ask a mechanic friend for vehicle advice. Who do you ask for podcasting advice?

A podcast coach.

Meet Your Coach

You'll work with Joel of East Coast Studio, acclaimed podcast expert, having worked one-on-one with hundreds of podcasters.

Joel’s unique skillset and expertise in a variety of areas such as audio engineering, broadcast production, editing, launching, and marketing  podcasts goes back nearly a decade.
Nowhere else will you find a person with such a perfect collection of knowledge to apply to any aspect of podcasting, delivered with friendliness, clarity, and honesty.

Professional Podcast Coaching

We believe in only working with people when we're a good fit for each other.

That's why there's no "buy now" button on this site. We won't take money just for the sake of making a sale.

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