Podcast Tasks You Should Outsource to the Experts

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2020

It takes a wise person to realize they need to take their hands off the reins and trust others to help them produce or market their podcast. Letting go could be the best thing you do for your show. While you operate in your zone of genius, outsource the tasks you don't love to the professionals and trust them to take your show to the next level.

Which tasks should you hand off to the experts? Here are our best suggestions for places to invest in professional help to give your podcast a final polish.


Audio Editing

The quality you deliver to your audience makes the difference in whether your brand is successful, or whether your listeners tune out after struggling to make it through one episode. Don't let your message get lost in background noise or too many ums and ahs.

Making your podcast sound professional is not only about hitting your mark as an industry expert, but about the listening experience. Your show should be of consistently excellent quality, so you’ll save time and money by investing in an editor from the get-go. You'll avoid having to spend time going back to fix issues in early shows. If, on the other hand, you’ve been editing your own show for a while and now you feel like it’s sucking all the joy out of having a podcast, then it’s also time to consider outsourcing to an expert audio editor.

Reassess your assets. If your zone of genius doesn't lie in skilled audio editing but in detailed research or a probing interview technique, then look at how you’re managing your time. If the time spent editing significantly impacts the time you spend doing what you do best, you would probably benefit from some professional help.


Social Media Content Creation

Video is huge on social media, with over 500 million people viewing over 100 million hours of video on Facebook alone every day. An effective way to get eyes on your podcast is to spend some time converting snippets of your show into audiograms. Your audiogram combines a bitesize chunk of audio with a waveform overlaid onto an image, and this combo of audio and visual content is more likely to get you noticed on social media.

As a podcaster, you already know that managing your social media can eat up hours of your day. And, that’s without getting sucked down a wormhole of funny cat memes! If you’re creating the graphics, writing the content, and creating audiograms, hours of your life can disappear while you create killer social media captions - even with the help of scheduling tools and apps.

Outsourcing the marketing monster that is social media content and management could save you hours a week. Additionally, using an expert could help you reach more potential listeners than you could do alone.


Show Note Writing

High-quality SEO-friendly show notes are invaluable in boosting your podcast up the rankings and letting a potential audience discover your show. If it’s a chore to write the show notes, then save yourself the time and stress by calling in a professional. Outsourcing to a professional writer will improve the visibility of your podcast without adding time to your workflow.

Outsourcing tasks you don’t enjoy or aren't skilled at not only frees up time, but makes sure you avoid falling victim to podfade. It helps you maintain your enthusiasm for podcasting.

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