5 Common Podcast Launch Mistakes

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2020

Doing anything new is a learning experience, but with research and preparation, you can avoid the most common podcast launch mistakes. If you know the pitfalls of releasing a new podcast in advance, you are much more likely to meet your podcasting goals. Read on to check that you’re not falling foul of these five common podcast launch mistakes.


Promoting a Launch Date You Can’t Meet

Don’t set yourself up for failure before you even get your podcast off the ground by promoting a launch date that you can't meet. I commonly get new clients calling me frantically saying, "I need this episode to launch tomorrow! I told everyone it would be ready!" Don’t put yourself in this stressful situation or expect your editor to bail you out. You want your show to start out with high-quality, well-presented content, so don’t rush the process. You’ll be a happier, more relaxed host, and your podcast editor will be able to produce their best work given a feasible timeframe.

Don’t forget to build time in your schedule to get approval from the major podcast directories. Apple, for example, still use a manual process, and there needs to be enough slack in your timetable to allow for a few glitches in the matrix. Sure, have a date in your mind to aim for release, but inevitably, delays will happen for a whole host of different reasons. Only tell your following that the podcast is launching on a particular date once all the pieces are in place.


Not Seeking Expert Help

The bar for entry to podcasting is low, which is a great thing. And also, a terrible thing. Yes, it’s fantastic that for minimal outlay, you can share your passion with a worldwide audience and grow your tribe. But don’t underestimate the effort it will take to put out a top-quality show week after week. Don’t let your show sink out of view for the sake of a few tweaks and some expert feedback.

Find a podcast coach who already knows what they're doing and can make getting your show up and running effortless and straightforward so you can focus on the important part - creating great content.


Not Building an Audience Before Release

As a podcaster, you don’t need to be a marketing expert, but you will need to learn the basics. Even if you’re a solo podcaster, you must prioritize marketing and promotion. Podcasts are a great marketing tool and a very effective element in an overall digital marketing strategy, so put some time into establishing a launch strategy that includes creating some hype around your podcast before it even drops.

Ensure you promote the launch of your podcast ahead of time, establish social media accounts, and build a website. This will help you grow your following, keep your audience updated, and drive as much traffic as possible to the podcast. If you can leverage an existing following, your listener numbers will snowball as more people download and share your show. Podcast directories like Apple take notice of the download numbers growing and then may begin recommending your podcast to other people, which gains your show even more traction.


An Inconsistent Release Schedule

Consistency is non-negotiable for a successful podcast. Your audience comes back time and time again because they know you’ll be there sharing fresh new content right on time. We get used to tuning into a show at the same time and place each week, and if you are flighty with your podcast release schedule, your listeners won’t wait too long before they stop coming around.

A simple way to make it easy to meet your timetable is to prepare and batch record a few shows ahead of time to make sure your listeners are well served. By going down this route, you know that whatever life throws at you, your show will go ahead as planned, and this strategy has the added bonus of making your podcast editor and show notes writer love you!


Expecting Overnight Results

Just like a business, a podcast takes effort to grow a client base, or in this case, listeners. Be ready to commit to podcasting for 1-2 years before you really see any significant traction. Don't give up after a few months just because the listener numbers aren't there. You need to be in it for the long haul.

Don’t imagine you can dabble in podcasting for a few episodes and have a massive number of listeners right off the bat. Unless you already had a big following that you have marketed your show to, it's unlikely to happen. Don’t expect overnight runaway success; plan for your podcast to be long term or you’re wasting both time and money on a whim.



Set yourself realistic expectations when planning your podcast launch. It is vital to build a reasonable timeframe and devise a strategy to get you on the road to success from the very start. Don’t underestimate how much time and effort planning your content takes so that you can podcast with confidence.

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