How to Find Great Guests for Your Podcast

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2021

Offering your podcast audience the opportunity to hear from other voices in your niche is a great way to provide a fresh perspective. Booking the right guests to appear on your show will provide variety to your listeners and serve them up even more valuable, insightful content. But how do you find amazing guests to appear on your show?


Reach Out to Other Creators in Your Niche

Whatever your niche, there are probably at least a handful of other podcast hosts, bloggers, and content creators out there. If you reach out to other experts in your area, then you can potentially create a mutually beneficial relationship. If they make a guest appearance on your show, they gain exposure to your audience. You simultaneously get the benefit of being introduced to their audience when they publicize their appearance.

It’s simple to find popular YouTube channels, podcasts, and blogs in your space. Do a Google search of your niche and see what turns up when you cast your net wide. You can then explore other content and websites in more detail to check out potential guests who would be a good fit for your podcast.


Meet Potential Guests in Real Life

*Gasp!* Actual real life? Yes, you can leverage personal relationships to find guests that your podcast audience will love. The benefit of this approach is that you already have an authentic connection, which means that you know that what they say will align with your podcast’s tone.

Conferences and meetups for people in similar businesses or with the same interests are a fantastic place to connect with content creators and niche experts. You can also make a point of asking previous guests if there is anyone else they would recommend getting in touch with to expand your network.


Network Online

Online communities provide a rich vein of potential guests that you can tap into. The best places to start are Facebook groups or subreddits on Reddit for people interested in your podcast niche. There are plenty of active groups, but remember, you also have to provide value as a member of the community. You can’t just drive-by and spam groups with promotional material! Asking publicly for guests is also a no-no; the best way to connect with potential guests is to take part in group discussions, identify people that you think would be a great match for your show, establish a rapport, then approach them privately to see if they would like to be a guest on your show.


Join Guest Matching Websites

If you're not confident about doing the legwork of finding guests for your podcast yourself, then you can sign up to a podcast matchmaking service. The top three online services for finding a guest for your show are:

You can search by niche and enter the specifics of what you’re looking for in a guest, and the sites will generate a few options for you to explore.


Allow Potential Guests to Introduce Themselves

Don’t miss out on connecting organically with a fantastic guest via your website. One of your listeners may be an expert who would be a great fit to appear on your show, so make it easy for them to get in touch with you. If you prefer not to make your email address public, you can add an embedded form to your website where potential guests can answer a few key questions and get in touch with you.

Once you land a guest, make sure you know how to be an entertaining host during their appearance!

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