How to Avoid Podfade and Keep Driving Your Podcast's Momentum

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2021


Keeping up the momentum on your podcast can sometimes be a challenge, no matter how committed you are to your show. If you’re feeling stuck or as if you’re spinning your wheels without moving forward, then you need to come up with a solid plan to keep your podcast on track. Podfade is a term we use to describe when you've lost motivation to continue podcasting - a very common issue.


Why Podfade Happens and How to Stop It

If you can identify where you’re struggling with your podcast, it will be much easier to solve the problem and continue providing quality content to your listeners. Common reasons are:

  • Your podcast schedule doesn’t work for you - if there is a mismatch between how much time you have to commit to your podcast and your publishing schedule, you will run into problems. Set a timetable that fits in with the rest of your commitments, whether your show comes out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, as long as you keep it consistent.
  • You’re struggling with the additional tasks that a podcast requires - even if you’re dedicated about blocking out time to record. There are still other jobs to complete before you can upload your podcast shows. You need to find the time and expertise to edit your episode, write the show notes, and post your promo material on social media. If you simply don’t have time for these extra tasks, consider outsourcing to a pro.
  • You’ve fallen out of love with your niche. If you are struggling to produce relevant new content for your show, then really think about why. If you are still passionate about the subject matter, whether it’s gluten-free baking on a budget or the Star Trek Expanded Universe, then with a little creative thinking you should be able to find new inspiration for your podcast. If your interest in the niche really has run its course, then maybe now is the time to plan your wrap-up episode and let your audience know.
  • You’re unclear on your podcast goal. It’s hard to maintain the momentum if you’re unsure what the end goal is. Focus what you’re trying to do with your podcast and where you want to take your audience. Think back to the original reason you started the podcast. If you’re hoping to position yourself as an expert in your niche and direct people to other products or services you provide, then it is much easier to map out your episodes when you’re clear on your goals.


Keep Up Your Podcast’s Momentum

To avoid your podcast falling off the map, you need to solve whatever issues that have you feeling blocked. If you still love your niche and have plenty more to say on the topic but stall when it comes to the extra tasks, outsource them. If you need inspiration, then spend time connecting with people in your niche you admire. Or if there aren’t enough hours in your day, then shake up your schedule. But don’t just let your message fade to black. Especially after everything you’ve put into it!

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