Why You Should Care About Spotify's New Podcast Charts

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2020

In Spotify's continued push to grow the podcast portion of their platform, they've rolled out an expanded set of podcast charts.

Podcast charts highlight top-played shows across a variety of categories, along with an overall chart of the top 200 podcasts on Spotify.

According to Spotify, the charts are completely driven by listener data. There's no human involvement.

In fact, Spotify specifically says that the chart positions are "determined by a podcast’s audience size." This means it's yet another case where driving traffic to your podcast on Spotify from an external means can help your success snowball.

For example: Promote your podcast on Facebook, more people click the Spotify link to go play it, now you're getting more plays on Spotify. You could then rise up the charts on Spotify, which leads to your podcast being discovered by more listeners. More listeners = an even higher chart position, and so it goes!

Spotify even has a "Trending Podcasts" chart.

With these types of moves, Spotify continues to rival Apple Podcasts. While making an appearance on Apple's "New and Noteworthy" or "Featured" sections was once the ultimate goal of podcasters, with Spotify now boasting a larger number (1.5 million) of podcasts than Apple, you can add their charts to the list of things you want to be on!

Charts update daily, and should your podcast make an appearance on one, you can find out in the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard. There, you'll also be able to create a custom graphic showing your chart position, which can then be shared online to help propel you even further up the charts!

Here, right from the horse's mouth, is Spotify's official comment on how to optimize your chances at achieving chart success:

"First off, continue promoting your show across channels, whether on social media or through appearances and promos on fellow creators’ podcasts. Next, head to your hosting platform to make sure your categories are correct, so listeners browsing charts in your genre can discover your show. Remember that the more listeners that hear your podcast on Spotify, the better chance you have of charting. So, let your audience know where to find you and how to follow your show on Spotify when you’re sharing new episodes."

If you've taken the Podcast Marketing 101 course, you already knew that promoting your show externally can lead to success on the various platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. If you didn't believe us, now you really should!

Make no mistake, these charts will be crowded with the world's best content creators. Just like writing a top 40 song is no easy feat, neither is earning a spot on the podcast charts.

The important part is being aware of what hints Spotify (and others) give about being successful on their platform. It's valuable insight that will help your podcast succeed, whether you rank on a chart or not.

For even more details on Spotify's new chart offerings, check out their press release here.