Choosing the Best Titles for Your Podcast Episodes

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2020

Just like how a well-written news headline entices you to click, podcast titles are no different. A creative, compelling title can help draw potential listeners to your episode!

In a time where competition for attention is higher than ever, your content needs to stand out. Proper episode titles can make or break your podcast's success.

It comes down to effectively communicating the content of your episode; showing a potential listener how your episode answers their questions or provides the information they are seeking.

Think about what your potential audience would be searching for.

It’s possible that your style of podcast doesn’t lend itself to a catchy title. If that’s the case, don’t stress too much over this.

If you use episode numbers in your titles, put them at the end of the title and in a short format like "001". Ideally, don't put numbers in the title at all. We cover this in-depth in the Podcast Marketing 101 course.

When titling your episode, come up with a few ideas. Don't try to stuff your title with keywords or make it too long. Consider what people are looking for, then effectively communicate in the title that you have what they need.

Most devices will begin to truncate long titles after a certain point. As a rule of thumb, keeping your titles to 50-65 characters is ideal. Always lead with the most important text, too.

Over the course of releasing episodes you may start to notice patterns or spikes in download numbers, which could then be analyzed. Perhaps when you write titles in a certain way or discuss a certain topic, it leads to higher listenership.

Every chance for optimization counts in the crowded podcast space! Choosing effective titles for your episodes is important, and is a piece of the puzzle towards achieving maximum podcast success!