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Are You Podcasting Into the Abyss?

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5 Most Common Podcast Marketing Mistakes

Ever wonder if podcasting is really worth all the effort?

A huge number of podcasters work their butts off, never see results, and eventually give up. All because they make 1 or more of these mistakes.

Don't let your podcast be the next to crash and burn.

If you've invested all the time and money required to become a podcaster, you owe it to yourself to spend the few minutes it takes to read this list.

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Find out what mistakes we've seen repeatedly from working with hundreds of podcasters.

Who is Podcast Propeller?

Our elite team has a rich history earned only by spending years in the podcast industry.
Led by Joel, founder of East Coast Studio, Podcast Propeller was created to address the simple yet common mistakes which prevent podcasts from reaching their full potential.
As a professionally trained audio engineer with a unique background in broadcast, podcasting, technology, and marketing, Joel continues to be the go-to expert for hundreds of successful podcasters.

"Joel was very responsive and had great suggestions for me as I asked him to audit my podcast hosting site to make sure that it was done correctly. Highly recommend working with him."

"As always, I love your candor."

"Definitely did a great job explaining what to improve."

"Three thousand percent recommend working with him if you want to be sure you’ll be putting your best foot forward whenever you hit publish."